Welcome to Big Wall Gear's open source D4 Portaledge Design.

It is worth reviewing portaledge design history, as often history repeats, sometimes bad examples.  For  the past 30 years, the A5 block corner portaledge design has been the standard.  To make your own A5 design, the hardest part is finding an affordable source of block corners, as the tolerances on the block corners need to be precise for the frame to function well.  All the information to make the A5 Design have been available for decades, and is still a viable design if machined corners are easy to obtain, though it has disadvantages (i.e, rigidity of frame) which have been superseded by the D4 design.

Here is some of the information published on the A5 Design:

The sharing of information, especially in 2007 on bigwalls forum,  helped spawn a number of talented portaledge makers, including Runout Customs.

The above links provide pretty much everything you'd need to know to make your own A5 portaledge design.

NEW DESIGN: The D4 Portaledge

This page will be a running "HOW-TO" based on questions and process shared on the new big walls forum at http://bigwallsforum.com

On the link above, there already is a lot of information on how to create your own curved tube portaledge frames, as well as new innovations such as the patterns for the single seam zipped fly with corner pockets that make for the most secure and versatile storm system ever.  My goal is to create a step-by-step "How-To", along with material specifications.  In the meantime, please post DIY information and questions to the link above.


ASPECTS OF THE D4 DESIGN (partial list):